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The purpose of this website is to provide necessary information on the identification, behavior and care of the animals we keep in our aquariums. And to provide information on which animals are best kept in captivity and those not suited for aquarium keeping. My main interest is marine aquaria, but in the future, I may cover freshwater more thoroughly.

My primary focus is on education and conservation. To successfully keep animals in our aquariums it is our responsibility to recreate the animal's natural environment as closely as possible, so the animals not only survive, but thrive. In order to help protect our natural environments I strongly believe in keeping captive raised animals whenever possible. More and more captive raised marine fish and invertebrates are becoming available every day.

Although this website is directed towards aquarium hobbyists, the information that it provides is useful for scuba divers, educators, researchers, and anyone else who has an interest in marine animals.

For more information about me and this website see the About This Site page.

What's New (Last 90 Days)

This website is made possible by individual contributions and I am always looking for new photographs and articles. For more information on submitting photographs, articles or to make comments and suggestions for the library please visit the Making Contributions page.

798: Amphiprion ocellaris (Ocellaris Clownfish) - Steve Turek
Amphiprion ocellaris
Steve Turek
912: Apogon cyanosoma (Orangestriped Cardinalfish) - Jeff Jeffords
Apogon cyanosoma
Jeff Jeffords
9424: Chaetodon semilarvatus (Golden Butterflyfish) - Richard Field
Chaetodon semilarvatus
Richard Field
9357: Acanthurus bahianus (Ocean Surgeon) - John E. Randall
Acanthurus bahianus
John E. Randall
9360: Acanthurus coeruleus (Atlantic Blue Tang) - John E. Randall
Acanthurus coeruleus
John E. Randall
1433: Acanthurus lineatus (Lined Surgeonfish) - Robert M. Fenner
Acanthurus lineatus
Robert M. Fenner
820: Acanthurus triostegus (Convict Surgeonfish) - Keoki and Yuko Stender
Acanthurus triostegus
Keoki and Yuko Stender
3266: Acanthurus tristis (Indian Mimic Surgeonfish) - John E. Randall
Acanthurus tristis
John E. Randall
4553: Amblycirrhitus pinos (Redspotted Hawkfish) - John E. Randall
Amblycirrhitus pinos
John E. Randall
1312: Amphiprion akindynos (Barrier Reef Clownfish) - Roberto Sozzani
Amphiprion akindynos
Roberto Sozzani
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